Selanusa is established and our business is all about selling haberdashery products solely.


Selanusa is the pioneer (Mexican) company, introducing the "blister" pack for our products in the market. On this decade the company celebrated our Sequin Factory big opening and first production.


We expand our commercialization to notions, haberdashery, sequin, decoration, knitting and embroidery and also we start doing business in foreign markets.


Selanusa expands, now moving the corporate offices to a big building located in downtown Mexico City.


Selanusa starts with the construction and work efforts to the new Sequin Factory opening and production. It is a new and great era which brings positive changes and a whole implementation strategy to new activities and areas within the company.


Selanusa became the leader of our industry. We earned a reputation as a solid company which has the greatest professional and specialized team.


We begin with our own Distribution Center planning and construction.


Inauguration our new distribution Center better known as CLS (Centro Logístico Selanusa).