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Sedería la Nueva S. A. de C. V. (SELANUSA), located in Regina 32, Colonia Centro, Delegación Cuauhtémoc Zip 06080, Mexico City, is responsible of collecting personal data for invoice procedures and gender being able to manage their privacy and protection.

The main administrator of the data is our IT Department, located in the same address, so you are able to contact them anytime by email: [email protected]

One of our priorities is committed to respecting the privacy of each visitor whilst keeping their personal information private and safe.


The personal information you provide to SELANUSA will be used and/or disclosed just to monitor your purchase order and set out the shipping, ans sometimes contact you directly strictly and solely for order issues, the information is useful to know about your preferences, evaluate the quality of our services and keep you informed throughout e-newsletters about our products, novelties, promotions and new product announcements.



For the purposes explained in Information use and/or disclosure; you enter your data, such as, Full name, Address, Telephone number, E-mail, Date of birth and company name (if you have a job).

Moreover, SELANUSA will inform you which kind of data we collect, how we save it, the main purpose of collecting it and the scope of our confidential commitment, as well as the rights we have while saving this data.

You are entirely responsible of the veracity of the data you enter. By this you agree, you are also entirely responsible of any fraud, illegal and indecent activities and/or crimes related to the untruthful data you entered and which is pursued by domestic authorities, as well as profane language and defamation towards SELANUSA and its affiliated companies. You agree to indemnify and hold Selanusa and its affiliated companies harmless against any future legal claims and expenses, including attorney fees, settlement amounts arising from your use of this service.


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We call “cookies” to those tiny pieces of information that are sent from our website to your browser and they are saved in your hard disk. They are mainly used to determine your preferences while you are connected to our website services, thus, they monitor your behavior and the activities you do while you are browsing our website.

Some pages require the cookies enabled function in order to work properly. The cookies allow us to: a) recognize your computer while entering our website and offering you a personal experience, b) knowing the personal configuration you chose, i.e. cookies help us to identify the band-width you have selected when visiting our website’s home page, this let us know what kind of file download fits you best, c) calculate our audience size and measure some traffic parameters, because we send a cookie to each browser that access to our website. This is used to determine how often you visit our website and the most popular links by clicking. Furthermore, all information is useful to improve our contents, news & headlines, and promotions. The cookies can help us also to track other activities: i.e. online surveys. We can use the cookies to detect if you have completed our online survey and if so, we avoid displaying it again. However the cookies will let you take advantage of the most favorable features we offer, that is why we recommend enable them.

The cookies will not be used to identify user, except when user is under investigation for some possible fraud activities.


SELANUSA shall implement all the necessary tools in order to protect your information. For your protection, we will provide you with your own Personal Identification Number (PIN number), which makes you responsible of the treatment of it.

Once the information is received by our IT Department, we will do everything to keep your information as safe as possible.


In our services & promotions notification program, SELANUSA is the only one permitted to treat your data. This advertising will be sent to you via e-mail, by this means you registered and agreed to receive those messages. In any case, you will be entitled to modify this consent at any time by request. The content of the e-mail previously described, could show occasionally advertisement of our business partners, but it will be sent by our Company.

You can also cancel your subscription at any time by request to [email protected] or through our website

When cookies are enabled, the “Help” button located in most of the browser’s Tool Bar, will teach you how to avoid accepting new cookies and also how to make your browser notify you every time you receive a new cookie or the button can help you to disable them.


You may have access to, review, correct, update and change or delete your account profile information at any time by request. To know more about the procedures we have implemented, as well as the requirements and execution time, you can send an e-mail to or IT Department to [email protected] or calling (+52 55) 9179-8900.

SELANUSA advice you to keep your information updated, this helps us to provide you with a better customer service.

Right of Access

The user has the right to have access of his/her information and personal data it is set out a small number of circumstances in which this right to see the personal records of an user can be limited. In some cases it would also be reasonable to comply with an access request submitted on a person's behalf by a solicitor when the file and documents are supported by the law.

Right of Rectification

The user has the right to rectify his/her personal data by request.

Right of Removal

The user has the right to request to remove his/her some personal data is unnecessary or inadequate.



Your data are not transferred to third parties. Your information will be used for SELANUSA’s improvement purposes only, such as statistics and advertising. Again, in any case, you can revoke this consent at any time.

INAI -acronym in Spanish-

The user can refer to INAI -acronym in Spanish- in Mexico City which is The National Institute for the Transparency, Access to the Information and Personal Data Protect in case their rights has been damaged.



We have the entitled right to make any modifications and/or updates to this current private policy, according to Mexican new law and legislation, SELANUSA’s new company policies, new requirements in our services, products, new market practices and all other applicable documents.

These modifications will be available to you on our website, just by clicking the Private Policy link or we will send a message about those changes to the last e-mail address you registered.


This declaration of Confidential/Privacy is abide by the Terms and Conditions of this website, and constitutes a mutual agreement between you and SELANUSA.

Please read this agreement about using, described above. This agreement starts by checking the box and clicking “I Agree”.


Date of last update.

Dear user, you are notified that the Privacy Notice has been amended on December 10th, 2015.